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This flamboyant glass Spades drinks Coaster is made with a thin layer of 98 % pure Silver which is capped and fused against bright red transparent glass.


Part of a suit of Coasters, Spades is available to order alongside Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds in my Casino collection.


As the kiln heats up to temperatures around 800 degrees Centigrade, a chemical reaction occurs between the Silver and the red glass creating random and unpredictable effects.

Often, a blackened outline appears around the edge of the Silver shape. Sometimes the Silver changes to a gold or yellowy hue. No two firings produce the same results, making this a unique item for your coffee table.


Handcut, fired and made in Yorkshire.

After ordering, please allow 7 days appx. for this item to be individually handmade for you.

This beautiful Coaster comes complete with four rubber feet to protect your surfaces.

Casino Spades Art Glass Coaster

  • 10 cm x 10cm approx

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