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About Moor View Glass


Moor View Glass is owned by professional glass artist Carole Shoel.

A life long creative with a design background, I fell head over heels for glass and am still very much addicted. My studio is filled with colour, music and light with a view over the Holmfirth moors. 


I'm a self taught glass artist with my own colour infused style. I create art glass with joie-de-vivre and an intense sense of freedom. Elements of planned work are often created spontaneously and not easily replicated. When handfuls of different colours and shapes of glass are being poured into the kiln with free artistic abandonment, there can only be one original, unique work of art. It's exciting to work in this way and important for art lovers and serious collectors.

After a year freestyling and experimenting, I booked online mentor sessions with Catherine Dunstan, who provided technical background for my ever ambitious projects. Catherine is an award winning glass artist, author, teacher and mentor, whose excellent online Stained Glass course set me off on another glass journey.

US Glass Artist Tim Carey's incredible A Painterly Portrait course run in conjunction with Bullseye Glass was the inspiration behind my Ethereal Man panel. The Glass Painters Method stained glass painting courses by William's and Byrne are steeped in tradition and knowledge. I learnt so much from them. Most recently I attended the HALTglass Screenprinting on Glass course with award winning UK artist James Cockerill.​​

In the photo above, I'm grinning from ear to ear at Damien Hirst's Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall, London, whilst visiting Brian Clarke's A Great Light Exhibition. Brian is described as the most important artist working in stained glass today. His stained glass is spectacular, larger than life and staggeringly beautiful, hence the grinning.


Commissions are very welcome, even if it's a colour tweak of something you like in my shop. So pull up your chair and have a browse... I'll get the kettle and kiln on xx


Authentic Uppermill


24 High Street




Tolbooth Lanark

4 High Street


ML11 7EX

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