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Muted mauves and exuberant golden yellows create contrast and interest in this heavy fused art glass panel. The painterly scene depicts flowers in a yellow vase on a windowsill overlooking a glorious sunset.


The flowers and foliage have an ethereal, timeless quality, joyful to observe. Metal inclusions add subtle nuance to the scene.


Created by painting with fine glass powders between and over layers of clear glass, there is a sense of calm and freedom beyond the windowsill. Multiple firings in a hot kiln achieve the finished art.


There is a lot to discover in this fused art glass panel. As light shifts and changes throughout the seasons and the days, colours will pour through the glass, bathing interior walls in dappled light and bringing the art to life.


This is a hand made abstract fused glass art panel.

A beautiful waxed wooden stand is included in the price.


Vase at Sunset panel

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