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This is a one-of-a-kind fused glass mosaic panel in two parts, or in diptych style. Distant stars, a crescent moon and ethereal all-seeing eye are fused into the intricate mosaic along with desert plant along the outer edges. This spiritually inspired artwork reflects the universe and our infinite connection to the world around us. 

For me as the artist, the myriad colours express harmony across our diverse cultures, offering unity and hope. However, this is an abstract work of art and it may bring a completely different meaning to you.

The piece is both peaceful and gloriously vibrant. Incoming light behind the transparent glass creates a kaleidoscope of jewel colours. It will look different and offer new interest at various times throughout the days and seasons. This art can be displayed with both pieces close together or separately, according to your taste and interpretation.

This is a one off handmade work of art that took many hours over several days to create. It then spent two days fusing in a kiln. 

Size 32cm x 33cm maximum (both parts included, one piece below the other.) All dimensions are approximate. Wall fittings can be provided according to your preference.

Universe Calling mosaic art glass diptych

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