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A spin of the roulette wheel please for the sultry Queen Card!


Casino is a stylised suit of art glass 'playing card' tiles created with a thin layer of 98 % pure Silver which is capped and fused against bright red transparent glass.


During the course of firing in the kiln at temperatures around 800 degrees Centigrade, the Silver reacts with the glass to produce unique cracking and charring effects. Reactions are completely random, only the kiln knows how to play this hand!


Often, a blackened outline appears around the edge of the Silver shape. Sometimes the Silver turns to a gold or yellowy hue. Designs will vary and no two firings produce the same results, making this a unique item for you to show off.


These unique tiles make a great gift for poker players and magicians, Las Vegas lovers, jokers and style queens. Or maybe a romantic gift for the King or Queen of your heart.


Handcut, fired and made in Yorkshire. 


After ordering, please allow 7 days appx. for this striking art tile to be individually handmade for you.


Casino Art tiles have a smooth glossy surface. Small rubber feet on the underside allow for easy display.


Casino Art Tiles - Queen

  • 7.5 cm x 13 cm

    All dimensions are approximate


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